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Campus Ambassador Program

Takshak is the largest robotics fest in East India, organized by RoboISM - The Robotics and AI Club at IIT ISM Dhanbad. Takshak provide possibilities, regardless of competence level. The fest serves as a platform to contribute towards producing the concepts of the future. Anyone and everyone, from ardent roboteers to amateur beginners, can benefit from the numerous events to be hosted.

The robotics and AI club (RoboISM) is a community of students filled with enthusiasm, who infer delight in making mechanical companions that might even be potent to work without human mediation. The club proceeds gathering the seeds like amateurs filled with fervor to a distant better and improved future of tomorrow. By ceaselessly providing it with mechanical, electronic and monetary aid. All the while bestowing it with the guidance, direction and redressing the botches. Until when it at last blossoms to a plant bearing fruits of perseverance, procured while exhibiting the skills. They conclude giving back more to the world.

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