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From thought to reality... TAKSHAK is a Sanskrit name taken from Hindu Mythology which carries a meaning associated with managing, creating, or maintaining anything.It hence is a fitting name for a robotics fest as all these aspects along with its interdisciplinary nature are what make Robotics one of the most challenging fields of study. TAKSHAK is East India's largest robotics fest organized by Robotronics - The Robotics and Al Club of IIT ISM Dhanbad.

The fest is not only for enthusiastic roboteers who wish to harness their zeal and put forth their effort towards creating the ideas of the future but is rather full of opportunities for everyone regardless of skill level. Anyone from an amateur to an expert can gain something from the numerous events we are planning to organize. From the technical competitions where you can showcase your prowess in every major aspect of Robotics, to the technical sessions and tech, research, and career talks where you can learn more about this ever-advancing field and equip yourself with the skills necessary to be a part of this robotic revolution.

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